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         New Jersey Native Aj Funk has been tearing up the music scene and vibrating  the floors of skating rinks, clubs and large venus for over two decades. He has DJed and released some of his crowd moving remixes while playing for thousands at Yankee Stadium, Hard Rock Cafe, International Speaker brand Bose, Soundcheck in Washington DC and many clubs and venues in the New York and New Jersey area. His sound has reached hundreds of thousands of listener from his dj platform  and online presence were he releases his remixes and original work. His blend of house, funk and dance all in one mix creates a cutting edge groove that always keep the crowds dancing. His remixes and original work  can be found online on,, and

                  His music has  been played on the radio in the US and by other dj across the country and the globe.  A climb for the Remixolgist was when the DJ played his Truth Hurts remix at the MTV VMA Music Awards in 2019.  When he’s not on stage performing he in his studio making sought after remixes  and original music for djs to play and artist to sing and rhythm over and crowds to dance to. If your looking for your next hit club single for your project or club remix  or  dj,  email


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