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AJ Funk, a seasoned DJ and music artist whose journey began at a the young age of 13. With a lifelong passion for music, AJ has seamlessly transitioned from his roots spinning funky beats for shuffle skaters at roller rinks to captivating audiences at bars and clubs throughout the NY and NJ scene. His innate ability to curate infectious rhythms and electrifying mixes has garnered him residencies at some of the Jersey Shore's most iconic venues.


Beyond his prowess behind the decks, AJ Funk's talents extend to the realm of music production, with an impressive catalogue of original tracks and remixes that have garnered international acclaim. His dynamic sound has even graced the MTV Video Music Awards. With a blend of experience, creativity, and an unwavering dedication to his craft, AJ Funk stands ready to elevate any event or venue with his signature style and infectious energy.


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